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The complete solution to protect your home while you are away: alerts can be sent to your devices and video streamed in real-time to your screens from at-home cameras. With NEOTION’s state-of-the-art secured network, you can relax and enjoy your favorite HD movies on TV while keeping an eye on your sleeping baby.


Making your home sweet and smart, Neohome allows you to control your energy and comfort. By controlling your bills and reducing carbon footprint, your comfortable home will deliver energy-efficient climate control thanks to the management of the accessories dedicated to energy. Smart Lighting and roller shutter control make your house appear occupied while you are away. Raise or dim any light in the room or the entire house with a single touch thanks to the scenario in the App.



  • Neohome Gateway
  • Free App (Tablet + Smartphone + PC)
  • Complete documentation (user guide, user manual & FAQ)
  • Wide range of Accessories


Your home protects you, it makes you feel safe, we at NEOTION believe that it’s the heart of family life. That’s why we offer to your Neohome that makes your home even more secure and convenient. With easy installation and industry-leading application, Neohome offers the peace of mind thanks to all connected devices.

Using the Neohome solution is simple and intuitive as any family member can install the gateway and download the app, create its own scenario and secure your sweet home.

The Smart App

Our app lets you monitor your home wherever, whenever on your smartphone or tablet or computer with the Neohome Smart Home App. Our Smart Home solution easily manages and links multiple accessories around your home for simplified home information and automation. So you and your family can control and get notified on events in your home from anywhere, the free Neohome Smart Home application can be installed on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. The Neohome app will send you the alert by sms or e-mail.

Create your own scenario for a peace of mind life

The wide range of connected accessories are working together and detecting any event. Our smart accessories will send you an email or alert to your smartphone, computer or tablet. The powerful and easy-to-use Scenarios tool will give you the key to control your home by your own.

Just go on holidays!

Neohome allows you to manage your home security even when you’re away: on business trip, long holidays or visiting your family. Thanks to the configuration on your app, you can define the time slots when you want to enable or not the protection of your house. You can also consult easily the recent activity (intrusion) of your Gateway, see inside your home through the camera. You can easily handle your home protection through your smartphone, computer or tablet by simply clicking on the mode you want to activate. Many accessories can help you having a comfortable & peacefully holidays: camera, door sensors, the siren etc.


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